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Based in Brisbane (QLD, Australia), RaceParts was founded in 2020 by racer & automotive enthusiast Andrew Wilton. At RaceParts Online, our focus is on providing the highest quality products from the best brands, while also giving our customers accurate & tested information, to ensure that you're purchasing the products most suitable to your application & intended use.

We've teamed up with not only some of the biggest brands in the world, but also some of the biggest distributors of those brands in Australia. Our partnerships with larger distributors allow us to utilize their extensive warehouse & distribution networks, enabling us to keep prices competitive & shipping times fast!

Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ Parts Specialists

Since 2017, the team at RaceParts have been racing, developing, modifying & testing the 86/BRZ platform for Race, Track & Performance Street Applications.

In 2019, we debuted our 3E Production Touring Car specification Toyota 86 GTS, which went on to win the 2019 QLD Production Car Championship & racked up countless Pole Positions, Race Wins & Fastest laps - Many of which still stand to this day!.

In 2020, the car underwent a series of further upgrades, and went on to compete in the Townsville Tin Tops (supporting the V8 Supercar's Championship), coming home with Pole Position & 3 x Race Wins.

In 2021 we sold the car to new owners, but came back on board for the 2022 Bathurst 6hr as parts supplier & lead Race Strategist, where the car managed to come home with a 1st Place Trophy!

These days, we continue to test & develop products on board our Supercharged Toyota 86 GTS Dedicated Track Car!

While we were well & truly across the best products for a dedicated Production Race Car, we identified the need to be able to test & further develop products for higher performance applications - So, in mid 2020, we purchased a 2012 Toyota 86 GTS fitted with Sprintex Supercharger and a heap of other high performance goodies.

When we purchased the car, despite it being looked after by a workshop its whole life & having "no expense spared" by the previous owner, we quickly discovered a few fundamental problems with the car's setup - Specifically, some significant ugliness in the car's braking performance.

Drawing on our relationship with Circo Brakes & our extensive testing history with a range of different products, we are able to improve the car's performance dramatically - ironing out all of the bugs & making it regularly one of the leading cars in its class at Time Attack & Trackday events.

The car now features performance products from some of our highly recommended suppliers including Circo Brakes, MCA Suspension, PSR, Invidia Exhausts, Verus Engineering + many many more!

If you're looking for advice on the best parts & upgrades for your Toyota 86 or Subaru BRZ, we have all the answers you need right here at RaceParts Online.

Circo Brakes Specialist Dealer

At RaceParts, we have been utilizing the full range of Circo Racing Brake pads in our Race & Track cars since early 2017. As well as having had the opportunity to test various different compounds across our range of different track cars, we have also had the opportunity to speak at length with the manufacturers, to gain a full understanding of each intended application.

On regular occasions over the last few years, we have met with the Australian Representatives of the manufacturer to discuss & learn more about the product range, new compounds & production improvements, as well as providing our own extensive feedback based on our experience.

On top of our extensive testing on the 86/BRZ platform, we have also had to opportunity to test the full Circo range at length on a range of different platforms, including Toyota Yaris GR, A90 Toyota Supra GR, Hyundai i30N & i20N, Mazda RX8, Ford Mustang TA2/TransAm, BMW M Series Range + Many More!

Whether you're looking for the ultimate performance setup for your Race Car, a street performance setup which is "track day worthy" for your road car, or perhaps your car has some ugly braking characteristics that you're looking to resolve - We're confident that we can offer the best advice & recommendations to suit your needs.

Meet The Team - Andrew Wilton (Founder/Sales Manager)

After landing his first job at an auto parts store while in high school, Andrew has gone on to forge a career in the Automotive Industry spanning almost 20 years - But it was his passion for motorsport which lead him to create Raceparts.

After starting to actively compete in entry level Motorsport in 2015, Andrew started to discover a significant gap in the automotive performance industry - Genuine advice on suitable parts for the customer's application.

"I come from an automotive spare parts retail background", explains Andrew. "One of the biggest things in that industry was you had to know what worked, and what didn't. You had to know what was going to solve your customer's problem. Customer's didn't come to you with a part number they were looking for - They would come to you with an issue they were looking to resolve, and you had to have the knowledge to recommend the most suitable solution.

"One of the things which really stood out to me when I first started competing in motorsport was the varying levels of 'no idea' that most of the 'traditional' parts sales people had. They either literally had no idea, or would simply recommend the parts which had the highest profit margin, with no consideration as to whether they were going to be fit for purpose"

This lead Andrew to bypass the traditional retail parts channels, and start to forge relationships with product manufacturers & distributors directly, often entering into two-way communication surrounding testing outcomes, which enabled him to grow a strong understanding on what worked, and more importantly, what didn't.

"After winning the 2019 QLD Production Cars Championship, it was time to turn my focus back towards my business ventures, and I identified a niche that I wanted to fill - A retail automotive parts business which could provide genuine advice on what did & didn't work for the customer's desired application - and so RaceParts was born"

To this day, our focus at RaceParts remains focused on providing the best advice to customers on the right parts & accessories for their builds!