Fraud Protection Policy

Fraud Protection Policy

Due to an increase in fraudulent transactions (most commonly, where people are using a stolen credit card to place a legitimate order), we have been forced to implement a Fraud Protection Policy, to ensure we are protecting our customers, ourselves, and possible unsuspecting victims.

For all first-time customers, one of our team will reach out to you prior to your order being shipped. The intention of this contact will be to check the following:

* That you genuinely placed the order

* That the name on the credit card used matches your name

* Any other details which may be missing from your order.

If you have provided an email address, this contact will be made via email. If you have failed to provide an email address, one of our team will call you.

To help speed up this process, we ask that all customers please do the following where possible:

* Create an account (this makes verification for future purchases automatic)

* Ensure that the billing name & address matches the credit card used. If using someone else's credit card, please include their details in the billing area, and ensure their contact information is included in your order.

* If shipping to a different location to your billing address, please include some comments as to why (EG. having it delivered to my work, getting it sent straight to the workshop, etc)

No orders will be sent out to unverified customers until we have managed to make contact. If contact attempts have been unsuccessful for a period exceeding 14 days, the order will be cancelled, and a refund will be provided (if applicable).