GFB EGT Add On Kit for D-Force Diesel Electronic Boost Controller

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INTRODUCING THE EGT KIT FOR THE GFB D-FORCE - DIESEL SPECIFIC ELECTRONIC BOOST CONTROLLER! DEDICATED DIESEL BOOST CONTROLLER FOR NON-VNT (VARIABLE VANE) TURBOS Add on EGT kit available for part number 3006 GFB's EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) Plugin kit is a direct plugin to our existing 3006 D-Force Electronic Boost Controller, adding critical exhaust temperature display to your existing D-Force display unit for a seamless integrated solution. The kit comprises of an exhaust thermocouple probe, sensor module and weld-on adapter, which is all you require to get you running. D-Force kit without EGT - Order Part # 3006 D-Force kit with EGT module - Order Part # 3007 *Suitable only for turbos using a traditional wastegate, not VNT.