MCA Suspension

MCA Suspension Traction Mod (86/BRZ)

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Fitment Guide: 86/BRZ, 12-21

Product Description

The Unique and Patented MCA Suspension 86 Traction Mod is a bolt-on bracket that relocates a suspension arm pickup point to help flatten out the arm angle and reduce anti-squat.

The MCA Suspension Traction Mod is a patented bolt-on pair of brackets that greatly improves rear traction and stability whilst also slightly improving ride quality. Due to the rear end being taken straight from an AWD Impreza, the rear end has some characteristics that are well suited to an AWD car but when applied to a RWD car can make the car quite tail happy in certain conditions.

The Traction Mod greatly improves this through a simple and quick bolt-on procedure that has zero impact on wheel alignment or bumpsteer.