Moroso V2 Oil Pan Baffle Plate (86/BRZ)

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Fitment Guide: 86/BRZ, 12-21


If you're looking for cheap insurance against oil starvation under hard acceleration, Moroso drop-in oil pan baffles fit the bill. The assemblies are made of aluminum and sit securely in your OEM oil pan without alteration. These baffles confine the oil to an area that keeps the oil pump pick-up fed--and off the rotating assembly. This gives you the added benefits of reduced oil temperatures and increased horsepower.


  • The Moroso Double Tier, Drop in baffle assembly fits the O.E.M. oil pan without modification by sandwiching between the engine block and oil pan
  • The baffle assembly with directional oil return flaps creates an oil containment area that keeps the oil pump pickup fed and oil off the rotating assembly to free up horsepower and cut down on oil temperatures
  • Baffle Kit will help protect the engine from oil pressure surges in prolonged corners with high lateral G forces or long acceleration runs
  • Constructed out of aluminum and comes with 2 sealing washers for the internal drain tubes