Whiteline Engine - Torque Arm Bushing (A3, S3, TT/Golf Mk7)

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Notes: Important
Inserts - suits models to - 2/2015 - induces NVH - installs into voiding of original bushings

Kits Required: 1
Warranty: 3 Year / 60,000Kms
Kit Contents:   1 Insert Bushing, 1 Spacer, 1 Bolt, 1 Washer, Install Guide, Grease

Soft factory bushings whilst they do a good job of not transmitting engine vibration, they do create vague and unresponsiveness in the vehicles drive train. Under hard acceleration, the engine and transmission rotates, Whiteline's synthetic elastomer torque arm inserts work in conjunction with the OE rubber bushing giving your car better throttle response as well as more crisp and defined gear shifts. Suits both Automatic or manual transmissions .


  • Protective plating on all metal components acts as a hard skin that is much tougher than conventional paint allowing this product to withstand the toughest conditions and resist corrosion for years to come.
  • Whiteline's latest technology synthetic elastomer formulation boasts resistance to oil, grease, ozone and weathering.
  • Supplied with extreme pressure molybdenum disulphide (LM) based grease for extended life.
  • Internal grease reservoirs provide continual self lubrication for optimum friction management.
  • Inserts are designed to work with the original factory bushing rather than replacing it.
  • Install guide included providing detailed instructions on how to install your new Whiteline purchase.
  • This Whiteline kit is covered by a 3 Year / 60,000kms warranty.


  • 2012-On Audi A3 MK3 (TYP 8V) FWD
  • 2012-On Audi A3 MK3 (TYP 8V) Quattro
  • 2013-On Audi S3 MK3 (TYP 8V)
  • 2014-On Audi TT MK3 (TYP FV) FWD
  • 2014-On Audi TT MK3 (TYP FV) Quattro
  • 2015-On Volkswagen Caddy MK4 (TYP SA) FWD
  • 2014-2020 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack MK7 and 75 (TYP 5G)
  • 2012-2020 Volkswagen Golf MK7 and 75 (TYP 5G)
  • 2012-2020 Volkswagen Golf MK7 and 75 GTI, GTD (TYP 5G)
  • 2013-2020 Volkswagen Golf MK7 and 75 R (TYP 5G)