Shipping Policy (Terms & Conditions)

What do our stock level indicators mean?
Many online parts stores give inaccurate indications of whether they do or don't have an item in stock, or simply don't mention it at all - Leaving customers disappointed, waiting weeks for parts to turn up that they expected within days.
At RaceParts Online, we aim to give our customer's the most accurate delivery indications as possible, and to do this, we use the below stock level indicators.
"There are XX Units In Stock (More may be available at warehouse)"
This means you are viewing an item for which we are showing current stock on the shelf. Stock displaying this tag will be dispatched within 1-3 business days (usually next business day)
Special Order Item - Contact Us For Dispatch ETA
Items displaying this indication means that they are specially ordered from the manufacturer as required. In some cases this may only take a few days to come in stock, but in other cases this could mean sourcing parts from overseas suppliers (Japan, USA), which can take a few weeks depending on international shipping. You can still place an order for these items, and we will get them out to you ASAP, but if you'd like more info on when to expect your item to arrive, please contact us & one of our team will be more than happy to assist you 
Shipping Policy
Domestic Standard
All domestic items which are "In Stock" (or once they arrive in stock) will be dispatched within 1 - 3 Business Days. While final delivery times are out of our control, products sent via Domestic Standard Shipping are generally received within 2 - 5 Business Days. 
All domestic standard orders are shipped with "Authority To Leave", which means that the delivery driver is not required to obtain a signature when dropping your parcel off. For all Domestic Standard deliveries, RaceParts Online PTY LTD accepts no responsibility for damaged, lost or stolen products where the freight provider can supply prove that the item was delivered.
Premium Domestic (Signature Required)
All Premium Domestic orders for items which are "In Stock" (or once they arrive in stock) will be dispatched within 1 - 3 Business Days. While final delivery times are out of our control, products sent via Domestic Standard Shipping are generally received within 2 - 5 Business Days. 
All Premium Domestic orders will require a signature upon delivery. If selecting this option, we highly advise customers to have the product delivered to an address where people are likely to be during business hours - Such as a workplace or similar. RaceParts Online PTY LTD is not responsible for any delays in receiving the product as a result of "Failed Delivery Attempts" or additional costs in collecting or re-directing an order due to Failed Delivery Attempts.
International Standard
All International Standard shipping items which are "In Stock" (or once they arrive in stock) will be dispatched within 1 - 3 business days. Times to receive goods internationally, depending on receiving country and the local customs policies & procedures. Any additional customs fees, import taxes or similar are the responsibility of the customer.
Dispatch Delays
In the unlikely event where dispatch delays are experienced which do not align with the above stock indication & shipping policies, a RaceParts Online representative will contact the customer within 1 - 3 business days to discuss. 
COVID-19 Impact
The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic is resulting in some shipping delays - particularly when shipping (or receiving) items internationally. While we will ensure orders are always shipped as per our aforementioned policy, RaceParts Online PTY LTD cannot be held liable due to delays as a result of COVID-19
Additional COVID-19 Impact Update
With the increasing interstate travel restrictions in Australia, we are now starting to see some small additional interstate shipping delays (particularly for products needing to be shipped into Queensland, South Australia or Western Australia). At this stage, interested orders are taking on average 1 additional day longer than normal, but we will continue to update this page as further information becomes available
Verified Customers (Fraud Protection Policy) 
The above information relates to dispatching orders to verified customers (see Fraud Protection Policy below). If a customer takes an extended period of time to respond to our verification requests, this will likely increase the dispatch timeframe. No orders will be dispatched to un-verified customers, and refunds will be provided as per the Fraud Protection Policy (See Below).

Fraud Protection Policy

Due to an increase in fraudulent transactions (most commonly, where people are using a stolen credit card to place a legitimate order), we have been forced to implement a Fraud Protection Policy, to ensure we are protecting our customers, ourselves, and possible unsuspecting victims.

For some customers, our anti-fraud software is able to automatically verify you, however for all un-verified customers (most common for those making their first purchase with us) one of our team will reach out to you prior to your order being shipped. To change the customer's status to verified, our team will be confirming the below information:

* That you genuinely placed the order

* That the name on the credit card used matches your name

* Any other details which may be missing from your order.

If you have provided an email address, this contact will be made via email. If you have failed to provide an email address, one of our team will call you.

To help speed up this process (and increase the chances of you being automatically verified), we ask that all customers please do the following where possible:

* Create an account (this makes verification for future purchases automatic)

* Ensure that the billing name & address matches the credit card used. If using someone else's credit card, please include their details in the billing area, and ensure their contact information is included in your order.

* If shipping to a different location to your billing address, please include some comments as to why (EG. having it delivered to my work, getting it sent straight to the workshop, etc)

No orders will be sent out to unverified customers until contact has been made and our team has been able to change the customer's status to verified. If verification attempts have been unsuccessful for a period exceeding 14 days, the order will be cancelled, and a refund will be provided (if applicable).